The Baseballs - Candyshop

50 Cent - Candyshop cover version. :D

The Baseballs - Hot 'N Cold

Real Rock 'N Roll!

The Baseballs - Hello

The second song is a nice cover song.
Pretty danceable!

The Baseballs - Umbrella

This month I'll show you a newcomer band called 'The Baseballs'.
I'm pretty sure that you will  like them.
Their style is compare to Elvis. Enjoy. (:

Two Steps from Hell - To Glory

Want to fight with sword and shield and seek for glory and honor? You didn't? 
Listen to this song and you wouldn't do something else!

Two Steps from Hell - Invincible

Put all epicness in one song and you'd got this!

Two Steps from Hell - Dragon Rider

Reminds me of Eragon. Favourite book.

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