The Baseballs - Candyshop

50 Cent - Candyshop cover version. :D

The Baseballs - Hot 'N Cold

Real Rock 'N Roll!

The Baseballs - Hello

The second song is a nice cover song.
Pretty danceable!

The Baseballs - Umbrella

This month I'll show you a newcomer band called 'The Baseballs'.
I'm pretty sure that you will  like them.
Their style is compare to Elvis. Enjoy. (:

Two Steps from Hell - To Glory

Want to fight with sword and shield and seek for glory and honor? You didn't? 
Listen to this song and you wouldn't do something else!

Two Steps from Hell - Invincible

Put all epicness in one song and you'd got this!

Two Steps from Hell - Dragon Rider

Reminds me of Eragon. Favourite book.

Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage

Such a sad and epic song at the same time!

Two Steps from Hell - After the Fall

For the people who likes the middle ages and his wars etc.


Two Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth

In this month I'll show you music without lyrics, just music.
Many would say that music without lyrics is crap but this tunes are very motivating, sad, happy and really epic!

The first one is called 'Protectors of the Earth' from Two Steps from Hell


Mr. Vegas, Shaggy, Josey Wales - Sweet Jamaica

You want to travel to Jamaica but you aren't certain because you have no time nor money?
Hear this wonderful song and you will immediately book a flight.

Orthodox Celts - Star of the County Down

I love old Irish music, so I thought I could share one song that makes me happy. :)

Hope you enjoy this song like I do!

Blood for Blood - Some Kind of Hate

You're upset, full of hate and want to destroy something?
Wait! Hear this song and you'll feel better! 

True rock!

Sugarcult - Los Angeles

Need a song for a housparty? Here it is!

In my opinion it's a perfect song to party and grab a girl. ;)

ZZ Top - La Grange

Now I present you a well known band, I'd say that nearly everybody has heard about them once.
Their style is rooted in blues-based and boogie rock.

Hope you enjoy
always have a nice day!
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