Mr. Vegas, Shaggy, Josey Wales - Sweet Jamaica

You want to travel to Jamaica but you aren't certain because you have no time nor money?
Hear this wonderful song and you will immediately book a flight.

Orthodox Celts - Star of the County Down

I love old Irish music, so I thought I could share one song that makes me happy. :)

Hope you enjoy this song like I do!

Blood for Blood - Some Kind of Hate

You're upset, full of hate and want to destroy something?
Wait! Hear this song and you'll feel better! 

True rock!

Sugarcult - Los Angeles

Need a song for a housparty? Here it is!

In my opinion it's a perfect song to party and grab a girl. ;)

ZZ Top - La Grange

Now I present you a well known band, I'd say that nearly everybody has heard about them once.
Their style is rooted in blues-based and boogie rock.

Hope you enjoy
always have a nice day!
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